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More Thoughts From Me #252: Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! This time I share my thoughts about this year in video games and just how lucky video game fans were compared to, oh say movie fans or tv show fans. Time to reflect and hug your video games or you know, thank a video game developer.


Well, we made it to the holidays. Its been a bad year. I think most of us can agree that 2020 sucked and we never want to see it again. Let’s kick it out the door!

Before it goes though, lets talk about one thing that, mostly, worked: video games.

This year video game companies and developers: big and small, actually released video games! And two new video game systems got released! At the end of this really awful year, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X came out. Those two systems could have easily been delayed. But nope, the new systems came out and even had video games to go with them. Yes, some games got delayed but a lot of games didn’t.

On the other hand, tons of movies were delayed. Most of the shows on TV did not come back this year. We got some movies, some tv shows, but it was nothing like it usually is. In fact, most of the world was not like it usually is.

And yes video games were developed at home and were finished off in different ways. It takes video games a lot longer to be developed than movies or tv shows even. So maybe its not a fair comparison but it is amazing thing that more games were not delayed.

The truth is that video game fans got LUCKY this year. I’m not sure if most of us even realized it even. A lot of fans this year acted like things were normal and video games would come out on time. Of course they’d come out on time. And when video games got delayed, especially big ones, fans got upset like the world was normal. Like how could this be?

2020 was not a normal year. Its amazing that any video games come out at all. Its a miracle really. Video game companies and developers were miracle workers this year.

Its a big deal. Video games helped many of us get through this year. This was a year when we had to stay home more than go out. We had to find things to do. And video games were there and fans and even people who normally don’t talk about games or think about games were playing them.

Yes companies and developers are in it to make money. Sure. But they helped save us too.

Now as we enter the final weeks of 2020, I just want to say Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas and bless you to all of the wonderful people who worked so hard on video games this year. People who put their all into getting games out. You did it. I hope you have a great holiday!

And to everyone trying to get through the rest of this year: play a video game! I recommend Animal Crossing New Horizons. It has a Toy Day even.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Now excuse me, I’m going to go play some games!


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