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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Preview

In Max: The Curse of Brotherhoodfor the Nintendo Switch, the main character decides that his brother has to go. So Max goes to a website, looks up a spell, reads the spell, waits, and a monster grabs his brother and takes him through a portal. Wait. What?! Max didn’t think the spell would actually work! Thats obvious. And so he decides right away to jump into the portal and go get his brother back! Thanks to Stage Clear Studios, who provided me a review code of this game, I was able to play Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and will be reviewing the game. Before that though, I want to give you a preview of the game. What do I think of Max’s journey so far?


Max: The Curse of Brotherhood for the Nintendo Switch is a fantastic game so far. What makes Max’s game so special? Why am I praising this game so early in this article?

First of all, the animation in this game is really really great. The cutscenes look like something out of Pixar or Dreamworks better animated movies. And the gameplay in this game looks just as good. The environments are detailed and so its Max and all the other characters in the game. I think its amazing how the game changes from gameplay to cutscene and back so fast.

The Curse of Brotherhood’s gameplay is really good too. The game starts off as a platformer with a lot of running and then things slow down a bit and then things pick up a bit more and then…well you get the idea. The platforming in this game is excellent. Nintendo would be proud to publish a game like this. And if this game was just a platformer, it would be a very good game. The developer wasn’t happy with making this game just a platformer though.

At a certain point in this game (no spoilers for the story here!), you will get an extremely cool weapon to use in the game. This weapon will let you change the enviorment by, at first, moving parts of the ground up to get you to higher areas. The weapon will get more powers as you get further into the game. This weapon is so much cooler than I’m describing. It adds so much to the gameplay.

And if you play the game in portable mode on the Switch, you can use the touch screen to use Max’s weapon. This works good! Don’t get me wrong though, you can easily use the game’s button controls to use this weapon too and that also works well. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood looks great on the TV and in portable mode, so you’ll want to get use to using the buttons and the touch screen controls. This is a game you’ll want to show off to other people!

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood may sound like a kids game to some people. I think kids may enjoy this game, though I do think they’ll need help on some of the puzzles in this game. Max’s weapon is really neat, but it does open the door to some tricky puzzles and the game doesn’t always give you enough clues to figure out what you need to do. Two heads are better than one!

That said, I think adults will enjoy this game too. I’d place Max: The Curse of Brotherhood in the All-Ages catogory. Much like a Pixar or a Dreamworks cartoon, Max’s game can be enjoyed by everyone.

I am so excited to play more of this game. I can’t wait to review it too! I’m having so much fun with Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

Want to play this game? Its out now for the Nintendo Switch eShop! Check it out!



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