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Hidden Treasure? Dragon Quest Treasures Is Out This Friday

Dragon Quest Treasures will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this Friday. The game seems to be overshadowed a bit by Crisis Core Remastered though. Let’s talk about Dragon Quest Treasures and why you shouldn’t overlook this upcoming game!

Dragon Quest Treasures is coming this Friday, December 9th. The game features Erik and Mia from Dragon Quest 11. The game is a prequel spinoff set when Erik and Mia are much younger. The two of them go off a quest to find treasure! Unlike DQ11, this game features an action-based battle system with monsters helping you fight.

The game looks like a cross between Dragon Quest 11, Dragon Quest Monsters, with a little bit of Dragon Quest 9 in it.

Monsters helping you out is something right from Dragon Quest Monsters. However, searching for dungeons with a treasure map and a flying train are right out of Dragon Quest 9.

Dragon Quest Treasures looks like its going to be really fun game. The main goal, as noted, is to search for treasure but you are also collecting monsters along the way. You get a base too! In the base, you can recruit monsters, send them out on quests by themselves (shades of FF Tactics), and more.

There is also online features to the game. You’ll be able to hide treasures for other players to find or have your monsters visit other bases. The online sounds pretty neat!

With Crisis Core coming out soon too, it seems like Dragon Quest Treasures could easily be over looked. If you are a DQ fan though, this game will be a must play! Even if you’ve never played a Dragon Quest game before, this might be one to check out. Here’s hoping a demo will be released this week for the game too!

What do you think of Dragon Quest Treasures? Will you be getting it?


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