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Do you like puzzle games? Do you like action puzzle games? Then you’ll want to check out this review for Grindstone for the Nintendo Switch!


Grindstone is an action puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch. It was developed by the same team that brought us Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes on the PS3, DS, and other platforms. I really loved Clash of Heroes. How is Grindstone?

Well, Grindstone shares a similar look to Clash of Heroes, however its gameplay is a bit different.

In Grindstone, each level is presented much like a puzzle game: the same colors must be matched and eliminated at the same time. Sounds like Might and Magic or any other puzzle game right? Aha, there’s a twist though!

The colors happen to be enemies and how you eliminate them is by directing a big guy with a sword to kill them. You create a path through the same color enemies and then unleash your guy on them.

This is where Grindstone gets a bit violent. Its cartoon violence but still a little gross. You can turn the gory stuff off though (I did) and instead of blood/guts, candy will explode from the enemy when they die. Its pretty funny. There is still a tiny bit of violent imagery if you die though.

Grindstone really isn’t a game for kids despite its cartoon look. This game is really meant for older, more experienced action puzzle fans. There is a lot of strategy to this game. You have to carefully figure out the path your character will take. Just getting rid of one color isn’t enough. You can find that you’ve gotten rid of one type of enemy only to get stuck among some other group.

Its important to look around to find a path through the level that’ll defeat enough enemies to get extras and get to the level door. The player can easily find themselves trying levels over and over because of some small misstep. Grindstone can be a pretty tricky game.

There is a little repetition occasionally when you have to repeat a level or when you run into a set of levels that are similar to each other. On the whole, Grindstone does keep things interesting by introducing new gameplay elements every so often and also by adding in multiple challenges to each level. There are many things to unlock in Grindstone.


Beyond the normal levels, Grindstone also has daily challenges to take on and a pub where you equip things you’ve found, restore your health with a drink, and more.

And Grindstone is a really good looking game. It looks good on the TV and in handheld mode. It has nice sound effects and music too. Its a can’t miss puzzle action game!

Grindstone has a ton of replay value, with multiple levels to unlock, hidden challenges, daily challenges, achievements, new weapons and armor to get, and more. If you like action puzzle games, then Grindstone will be a must buy. Its one of the best action puzzle games on the Nintendo Switch!

Grindstone gets a 9.5 out of 10

Thanks to Popagenda PR for providing a digital code for this review. Grindstone is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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