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Great gaming genres you need to try

Every gamer knows that it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Whether you’re a battle arena aficionado, or an online blackjack enthusiast, there’s always something that can be enjoyed in playing games that are outside of your usual playing style.

So what are the genres that you should check out? Here’s a few recommendations for the best in the current range of awesome gaming genres.



Massively multiplayer online games have become big news in the past decade. Due to broadband technologies, it’s now easy for anyone to compete in huge online worlds that feature thousands of players.

The breakthrough title of MMO gaming was undoubtedly World of Warcraft. But if you’re looking for an alternative, try our personal favourite, the endlessly enjoyable Guild Wars 2.



Multiplayer online battle arena games are another huge genre that would be unthinkable without the latest net technologies. These are great team-based games where each player controls a character who battles the opposing team in real-time.

Many of the world’s biggest eSports competitions feature MOBA hits like Dota 2 and Starcraft. And if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to join the fun, then League of Legends is definitely worth a try.

Browser games


If you’re looking to keep things a little simpler, then there’s a great range of browser-based games out there. Fun titles like show how the humble game of Snake can be transformed for modern-day gaming.

Similarly, the classic card game of blackjack has been dramatically reinterpreted at the Casino Euro site to make it possible to play and make some big winnings without having to pick up a pack of cards.

Indie games


However, it’s the booming independent gaming scene that’s delivered some of the most unorthodox gaming hits of recent times. Although No Man’s Sky had a tough start, it showed how small games developers can push open the boundaries of the gaming realm.

The limitless potential of gaming in the 21st century has meant that indie mobile games have also enjoyed some massive hits. As well as the likes of Angry Birds, the fact that the epic world-building title, Minecraft, was written on a coffee break by a Swedish office worker shows that even the biggest gaming hit can have pretty humble origins.


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