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Get to the Fallout Shelter: A Preview of 60 Seconds for Nintendo Switch

Long ago, in a galaxy not so far away (the United States), people thought that the atomic bomb would drop on them at any second. So some of those people built fallout shelters. This is something that really happened. However, the bomb never dropped in the U.S. In the video game 60 Seconds for the Nintendo Switch though, the atomic bomb will hit in…you guessed it…60 Seconds. And so as the head of the household its your duty to grab everything you can (including your family) and get yourself to the fallout shelter in time. Can you do it? Here’s my preview of 60 Seconds for the Nintendo Switch.


60 Seconds for the Nintendo Switch is an odd game for sure. It seems to be set in an alternate 50s or 60s timeline where the bomb actually drops in the U.S. There are several modes in the game, including a tutorial, the main game, seperate modes for each parts of the main game, and a Challenge mode.

The part of the game where you collect stuff for your shelter is pretty fast paced. Challenge mode takes the collecting to a new extreme and gives you a list of objects that you have to collect quickly. Collection in 60 Seconds is already pretty challenging, so Challenge mode just gives you an ever harder challenge if you want it. And theres Survival mode which is totally different from the collecting.

In Survival mode (which is also part of the main game too), your family finds itself in the bunker. The player opens a journal and then has to read through the journal and select options. There are some heavy decisions to make in survival mode, like who gets what food and who gets to go out into the wasteland to hunt for stuff. Survival mode is very sim-like and I like it, though I wish it was a bit more interactive apart from the journal. I also wish there was a wasteland survival mode of some sort.

60 Seconds, overall, is a fun game so far. I like its dark sense of humor and all of its modes.

I’m not ready to review 60 Seconds yet, but I look forward to playing it even more. If this game sounds good to you at all, then you should be looking for it when it arrives on the Nintendo Switch eShop today!

A review copy of this game was provided by Robot Gentlemen!


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