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Geek Fuel – November 2016

Geek Fuel has its ups and downs, but overall provides great loot. While nothing will top the box that was full of great Uncharted items, I did quite enjoy this months box. Once again, Geek Fuel is doing something other companies are not – products featuring their robot mascot. This months Indian Jones Geek Fuel Robot pin was just one of the few great items we received.

You can get your own Geek Fuel box with a special extra gift by visiting their website!

Photo taken by the great people at Hello Subscription. Check them out for full reviews on tons of subscription boxes.

Check out that pin! I have collected a ton of pins over the years, and outside of my Elder Scrolls Online pin that I recently go in another subscription box, this is my favorite. I love that Geek Fuel is including so many items with their mascot logo on them; remember those beer mugs from a few months back? Because I do, and I love them.

This is something that other companies should be grabbing onto. While everyone has their ‘exclusive’ items, you can almost always find something similar to what they are giving you. Not this: you won’t find anything like this Geek Fuel Indiana Jones pin ANYWHERE. Keep it up Geek Fuel, we love it!

Who Doesn’t Need Socks

More socks! And that is perfectly fine by me, as I love getting socks in my subscription boxes. Suites with black socks are boring, but when you spice it up with some Guardians of the Galaxy socks, well, things get very interesting. These in particular has been a great conversation starter around the office, with MANY people asking me where I might have gotten them from.

It’s from Geek Fuel people – get with the program.

Dandy – A Steam Game

From Steam: “Deceptively whimsical, Dandy is a perma-death side-scrolling shoot ’em up with a host of stacking power-ups. Different on every play-through, with reactive enemies that force you to strategize.

 The last in a dwindling line, Dandy was the only active candy alchemist of his time. His obsessive search for alchemical ingredients took him into the ruins of the ancient world. It is said that whatever he found there drove him mad, but nothing is truly known about his disappearance. Take a brief glimpse into his life, and uncover the mysteries of a forbidden land.”

Coffee Drinking King!

I drink a lot of coffee in any given day, and to have some great Batman – I did not get a Wonder Woman mug – mugs to use at home and in the office is an excellent way to tell everyone, “I’m just a little bit of a nerd.” The quality of the mugs seems pretty solid, but like other mugs I have received, I really hope that the printing on the outside won’t rub off over time.


Outstanding box? I’m not sold on that type of statement, but once again Geek Fuel has delivered a better than average box for their consumers. While other boxes seem to take multiple steps back month after month, Geek Fuel is taking small steps forward over long periods of time. If they continue to do the Geek Fuel products, however, I think this could become my new favorite box.



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