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Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Announced for Nintendo Switch and PS4

Over the weekend, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters were announced for the Nintendo Switch and PS4. We have the information about the games below.


Square Enix announced over the weekend that Final Fantasy 1-6 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 in Spring 2023. These are the Pixel remaster version of the games. They were previously on mobile and PC. Fans have been wanting these games to come to the Nintendo Switch since they were first announced! Finally we got that announcement.

The games will be available individually and as a bundle of the PS4 and Nintendo Switch digital shops. There is also a limited edition physical verison. Actually two! One is a collector’s edition and other is a stand alone edition. Both of these are likely already sold out though. Its going to be easier to get these games as digital games and less in the physical edition.

As for the games themselves, they should be similar to what was found on mobile and PC, though there is a rumor that the font will be fixed in the console version. We’ll see.

What do you think of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters coming to the Switch and PS4? Will you pick them up?


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