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Dragon Quest Builders Being Published by Nintendo in North America

Dragon Quest Builders is coming to Nintendo Switch in February 2018, and it was announced recently that Nintendo would be the publisher behind the title. Dragon Quest Builders first launched on PlayStation 4 early in 2017, with fairly favorable reviews from critics around the globe. Along with all the content available in the PlayStation 4 release, the Nintendo Switch version will also include some exclusive content, so fans of the game on PS4 might want to take the dive again on handheld.


Having a game like Dragon Quest Builders on the Nintendo Switch is another big win for Nintendo fans, and the company itself. Like with most games, having them on the Switch and portable is a huge bonus, even if the game itself has to take a bit of a graphical hit to accomplish that. I loved Dragon Quest Builders on the PS4, but cannot wait for the Nintendo Switch version in early 2018. Portable Dragon Quest building fun? Sign me up!

Here is more information on the title from the Nintendo website!


Gather, craft, and build the kingdom of your dreams to restore the ruined world of Alefgard!

As the legendary Builder, you’ll construct rooms, towns, and defenses while fighting monsters. In Terra Incognita, build freely, share creations online, battle in an arena, and access exclusive content to the Nintendo Switch™ version of the game!

You’re the only one in Alefgard who can rebuild and level up its ruined towns to attract new residents and raise their strength. But be wary: increasing a town’s level will also lure the Dragonlord’s monsters! So, join residents and fight back! When you defeat monsters and break blocks of the environment, you’ll earn materials for crafting items and building structures. Enjoy content exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version in Terra Incognita: ride a Great Sabrecub, slay foes for Pixel Blocks, and use them to build a Dragon Quest Game Pak so you can access more items for building! The land is yours to rebuild… The goddess Rubiss has spoken!

  • Gather materials, craft items, and build towns to fulfill your destiny as the legendary Builder
  • As you build rooms and defenses, towns level up and residents grow stronger
  • An open world adventure with real time battles against monsters and bosses
  • Discover side quests, treasure chests, and building schematics during your travels
  • Build to your hearts’ content in Terra Incognita, the free-build mode
  • Battle waves of monsters at the arena in Terra Gladiatoria
  • Upload your creations online or download buildings made by other players
  • Nintendo Switch version of the game Exclusive content: gather special materials with the Great Sabrecub to unlock retro customization options, including the Dragon Quest Game Pak

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