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What do you get when you mix South Park’s animation style with an rpg and a card game? You may get Cardpocalypse for the Nintendo Switch! But do you get a good game? Here’s my review Cardpocalypse.


Cardpocalypse is a mix of the rpg and card genres. You are Jess, a wheelchair bound girl who goes to school every day and plays a card game a lot. In fact, almost every kid at her school is addicted to the card game. Jess can challenge other kids to matches and also can get new cards by swapping.

The card game is pretty good too. Cardpocalypse explains it well and while you will lose sometimes, you won’t lose a lot once you figure the game out. The card game is a bit addictive. Its not the only thing you do in the game though.

Jess talks to her follow students, can do fetch quests and also help people. Perhaps my favorite thing in the game (besides the card game) is a Choose Your Own Adventure dialogue-based game that you can play with one of your friends. It was unexpected and neat.

The game’s story, meanwhile, isn’t that great. It makes up for that by having very interesting and unique characters. I like Jess most of all though. Its not very often that we see a disabled main character in a game. Not only that but her disability isn’t mentioned very often. Its just accepted that she is in a wheelchair. She is, mostly, treated like everyone else. Its only when some calls her Wheels or she has to go up a ramp instead of the stairs that her disability is highlighted. I like how Jess is treated in this game. Cardpocalypse makes you believe in its world of kids who love this card game.

Graphics wise, Cardpocalypse reminds me of South Park. Thankfully, this game doesn’t have the rude and very adult humor of South Park. Actually I think I like Cardpocalypse’s animation better than South Park, though I was never a fan of the toon.

Cardpocalypse also has some voice acting, thats not bad, and some neat music. It also has its own theme song, which is pretty corny. I love it.

Overall, Cardpoclypse is a good game. Its story isn’t great but its unique characters and its card game should keep you playing. Its very nice to see a developer try something different with its characters and its core mechanic. Cardpoclypse is worth checking out for rpg and card game fans.

Cardpocalypse gets a 7.5 out of 10

Thanks to Plan of Attack for providing a digital code for this review. Cardpocalypse is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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