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Among Us Released on Nintendo Switch Following Surprise Announcement

Nintendo Switch owners will now be able to enjoy one of the games that have come to define quarantine. During an indie-centric Nintendo Direct today, it was announced that the popular game Among Us has been released on Nintendo Switch.

Among Us Kill

In a surprise announcement, it was revealed that the popular multiplayer game Among Us was released on Nintendo Switch immediately. Like other releases of the game, available on PC and mobile, the game will be crossplay.

While this is certainly exciting news for Nintendo gamers, I do have my concerns. I know that I’ve been really enjoying the game on PC and have found myself hopping on it in my free time. However, when I was first introduced to the game it was on mobile.

I pretty quickly switched over to the inferiority of the chat function on mobile. From the footage I have seen, it appears the Nintendo Switch version of this game will have a similar issue. In a game that focuses so much on communication, it’s hard to imagine not playing with a bonafide keyboard.

Among Us Opening

While its release on the Nintendo Switch may enable more players to try the game out. I strongly recommend playing it on PC if you’re looking for the best experience.

Now, as I mentioned, I haven’t played the Switch version of this game and am basing my criticisms off some footage I have watched. If you purchased the game on Switch and have had some time with it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.


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