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2018: Invasion of the Mega Men

Yesterday, Capcom announced a brand new Mega Man game that’s coming to all the consoles, including the Nintendo Switch! Plus, Mega Man Legacy 1 and 2 are coming to the Switch.  Oh and there is a Mega Man X collection that’s coming to the Switch too. We have more information and a trailer for the new Mega Man game below.

Mega Man fans thought that the series was dead. Capcom hadn’t done much with the franchise recently aside from the Mega Man Legacy collection games. Would there ever be a new Mega Man game?

Fans got their answer recently when Capcom announced Mega Man 11! You can see the trailer above. The actual game will be coming late 2018.

I was really impressed by the Mega Man 11 footage. I’ve never been a huge Mega Man fan but I’ve always liked the games despite not being very good at them. This new game has wonderful graphics and the classic Mega Man gameplay that the fans love. I can see it being a huge hit next year. And its coming to all the systems, including the Switch!

However, Capcom wasn’t happy with just bringing Mega Man 11 to the Nintendo Switch. They will also be bringing the Mega Man Legacy collection games to the system in the Spring. And a Mega Man X collection has been announced for the Switch too!

2018 will, without a doubt, be the year that the Mega Men invade. We’ll need a bigger robot to defeat them. Wait. Forget I said that…

Are you looking forward to Mega Man 11? What about the Mega Man collections for Switch?


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