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Pinball FX 3 Available now on Nintendo Switch – Get Three Free Tables for a Limited Time!

A console without a pinball game is a travesty, and thankfully Nintendo has avoided going into the new year without its own ball bouncing fun! Thanks to Zen Studio, Pinball FX 3 has landed on the Nintendo Switch just in time for the holidays, and with the Switch’s unique features, it might just be the best pinball experience yet!


Anyone who enjoys pinball knows you need to play the games vertically, rather than horizontally. On the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, playing horizontally on your TV is the only option, and even when you use the vertical look, you are left with flanking banners on either side. The Nintendo Switch’s ability to be usable as a vertical device makes this pinball experience the best available on any home entertainment platform to date. With tons of tables available right off the top, there is no shortage of fun to be had.

Of course, there is more here than just fun pinball games. Sure, getting the high score on each table will bring you back to the good old arcade days, but Zen Studios has spiced up Pinball FX 3 with optional challenges to complete. While these are never required, they can extend the lifetime of your favorite tables, and at the end of the day, the more you play, the better you feel about your purchase.

The Nintendo Switch isn’t left out in the dark when it comes to competing with those playing on Xbox One or PC either. Cross play with the Nintendo Switch allows you to compare your scores with those playing on Xbox or PC, giving greater flexibility to all players, and allowing those with different console tastes to still play and compete together.

On launch day – this past Tuesday – Pinball FX 3 is a free title with one complimentary table, “Sorcerors Lair”! For a limited time – until the 19th – those who jump in now will also get a free DLC pack with two more tables themed around Carivals and Legends. If you pick up Pinball FX 3 from the Nintendo eShop prior to December 19th, you will get THREE free tables to play! That is an insane value, especially when you consider the fact that you will get all the benefits of Pinball FX 3 when playing these free tables.

Although you will almost definitely want to purchase more, these tables are a great way to start your Pinball FX 3 collection!


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