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We Need A Limited Series of Immortals Titles

Almost half of the staff at GamesReviews have been diving into Immortals Fenyx Rising over the past two weeks, and for the most part, we are all really impressive with this brand new IP from Ubisoft Quebec. While borrowing heavily from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, this game does set it’s own path with a humorous story and fantastic characters that feel unique and alive.


In our Xbox Series X review, Mat Growcott almost called it a more impressive version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,

Mixing in a bit of fourth-wall breaking Borderlands humour and plenty of mythology, this is a game that wears its influences on its sleeves. You enter every “shrine” knowing full well that you’re venturing into a Zelda-like environment, and that’s just fine. It’s prettier than Breath of the Wild and, arguably, offers up some major improvements over that fan favourite.


Over on the Nintendo Switch, Kevin Austin did have some concerns around the games look and performance,

Now to be completely transparent, where this game goes south a little bit for me on the Nintendo Switch, is visuals and performance. While if you have seen any of the marketing of the game you have no doubt seen how vibrant and beautiful this landscape is. For you Switch owners, get that idea out of your head right now. The textures are severely lacking in comparison to the other consoles (not just Series X and PS5 either) and a lot of the world is muddied a bit by fog-like appearance. This is no doubt done to make the game operate better on the Switch.


I’ve had the pleasure of playing on the PS5, and while both my colleagues did an excellent job discussing the games in depth, here are just a few of my thoughts nicely bulleted for your easy reading pleasure!

  • The game borrows heavily enough from Assassin’s Creed to ease you into this new experience, while still carving it’s own path in numerous ways.
  • Further to the above point, the game does utilize points on the map that are similar to synchronization points. Unlike in Assassin’s Creed, however, you have to then manually scan the area around to find specific treasures, vaults, and more. Those moments were NOT enjoyable.
  • The writing is pretty on-point during the entire adventure. The way the story has been set up is fantastic with Zeus and Prometheus.
  • In a generation dominated by skill tree heavy titles with complicated crafting mechanics and weapons/armour upgrades, it’s nice to see a very simplistic experience here, with just enough depth to be adequate for your entire adventure.
  • The vaults in this game trump shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Every. Day. Of. The. Week.
  • Although many of the puzzles might appear the same in concept, the use of terrain keeps them feeling fresh, even after 2 dozen hours + of playing.
  • Ultimately, if Ubisoft can maneuver this into a limited franchise, that would be fantastic. I don’t want a yearly release, but I’d love to see what an Immortals titles set in Egypt would look like. Let’s not overdue it, however. Like with British television, there comes a time when we should let good things die.

Do you plan on getting Immortals Fenyx Rising? Let us know in the comments below!


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