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More Thoughts From Me #96: Checking Out Some Playstation 4 Demos

Whenever I see a working demo unit for a Playstation 4, in Walmart or Gamestop, I have to check it out and see what the latest demos are. Yesterday, I was at Walmart and got to play three demos very briefly. Let me tell you what I thought of them.


I was at Walmart yesterday and the Playstation 4 demo unit was working again. Its not very often that they have that system working. Its the same with their Xbox One demo unit, which wasn’t working yesterday. I had time to check out out three demos on the Playstation 4. I played them very briefly but was able to come up with a quick opinion on each.’s editior-in-chief Adam Roffel did reviews for a couple of these games. If you click on the highlighted name of the games you’ll be taken to his reviews. Ok, here are the games I played:

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy: I played Crash Bandicoot back during the Playstation 1 era and liked it. I wasn’t especially good at the game then and I wasn’t that great at the level I played in this demo. However, I loved the graphics in this demo. It looked like the PS1 game, just with a heck of a graphical upgrade. It was neat to play a Crash game again! This demo definitely impressed me.

Knack 2: The character you control in the Knack 2 demo was cool. I like how the character could change size and the design of the character was unique. The graphics, overall, were really good but I thought that the background and the NPCs were pretty generic looking. Knack 2 did control well. I thought the Knack 2 demo was good but it didn’t impress me like Crash (or the next game).

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles: Wow. I was blown away by this demo. I didn’t get to play Yonder for very long but I really wanted too. Yonder’s graphics reminded me a bit of a Zelda game but with its own personality. I loved the character creator and I liked Yonder’s sense of wonder and discovery right away. And when I found the fishing pole in this demo I definitely knew that Yonder was my type of game. I hope that this is a game that will eventually end up on the Nintendo Switch eshop. Yonder would be a perfect fit for the Switch!

And those are the demos I played. Yonder and Crash impressed me the most but Knack 2 wasn’t a terrible game. I wish I had gotten to play Yonder longer and I would have liked to have tried out some of the other demos on the Playstation 4 unit. Perhaps when I’m in Walmart or Gamestop again I’ll find a working PS4 demo unit.

Its always good to check back in with whats coming to the Playstation 4.

So what do you all think of Crash, Knack 2, and Yonder? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Next week: As the year draws to a close (its December?!), next week I’ll look back at year 1 of Nintendo Switch and look forward into 2018 and tell you what I think/hope we’ll get next year for the system!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I really want to play more of Yonder! Please bring it to the Switch!


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