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Thankful for Abdallah, and Here is Why

If you’ve been following me on twitter, and GamesReviews on twitter, you know we have been doing a few partnerships with Abdallah. Although I’m not American, and today is just a regular old Thursday, I want to throw out a special thanks to Abdallah for a number of reasons.

As always, you can find Abdallah on twitter, and make sure to head over to his YouTube channel here!

Abdallah has done a lot for my, both in my roll as Editor-in-Chief for and in my personal life. Frankly, Abdallah has made life easier.

We have had a pretty good reach with our Nintendo content, respectable enough that we continue to partner with Nintendo of Canada on all their major releases. Readers appreciate the content we are providing, and it is always a pleasure to get that Facebook inbox or tweet from a reader who is appreciative of the articles you have written.

Abdallah has give myself and GamesReviews a wider reach; not only is he pumping out awesome content on YouTube that he is allowing us to embed in our articles for context, but has also been retweeting our articles to reach his much larger audience. That is huge, especially for a medium sized web site looking to grow. It is good to see so many new people reading my articles – and articles of our other authors – and that’s truly fantastic.

On a professional partnership relationship, I cannot thank him enough.

Personal Thanks

While I really appreciate all Abdallah has done for my written content, it is the personal touch that I am thankful for the most. My seven year old son Logan goes bonkers for two things: Pokémon and YO-KAI Watch. Any free time he has not spent in school or playing these games is dedicated to YouTube. Although our computer and iPads are always used in the most public areas of our homes, every day tasks means I cannot monitor his YouTube watching 24/7.

My son has found a LOT of trash on YouTube, whether it is Pokémon Go content creators who use atrocious language, or even ‘cleaner’ users that are insanely immature, and teach my son new fart and poop references. Thankfully, Logan managed to find Abdallah’s YouTube – and subsequently his YouTubeKids content – all on his own.

I owe my recent video game partnership success with Abdallah to my son Logan; “Do you know who is a big YO-KAI fain like you dad? This guy is.” Unknown to me, Logan had watched 10s of hours of Abdallah’s videos. As I perused Abdallah’s page under my wife’s username, almost every YO-KAI Video – and now every Pokémon video – had been tagged as watched.

Logan found a wonderful, clean, family friendly YouTube channel that he absolutely loves, and I cannot thank Abdallah enough for that. What could have been a disaster for my wife and I – with a child so infatuated by YouTube – has turned into a wonderful way for my son to unwind.

What I have not mentioned is that Logan has severe ADHD issues that we spend a lot of time trying to cope with. Abdallah’s YouTube page is a great outlet for him that seems to calm him instantly. For that, Abdallah, I am truly grateful.


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