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Super Geek Box – October 2016

Unfortunately, all my subscription boxes this month landed around the time of my pending move from one office to another, so although this review lacks the pictures that usually accompany it, I hope you will enjoy it none the less. With that being said, lets get to this months Super Geek Box!


I’ve been very supportive of Super Geek Box ever since we began reviewing them on the website, and for good reason. Of all the boxes we receive at GamesReviews, it is by far the most consistent in quality. This month, again, was no exception. Here is what was inside this months Darkness box…

Apparently a number of years ago, the DC Mini plastic models were things you could get in a toy vending machine for  few dollars, but have since become a blind bag collectible to toy. Regardless of their origins, these figures are pretty great to look at, even if their build quality is somewhat suspect. We got the Flash model this month, which is built by simply prying the head apart, pulling out the body from the inside, and then putting it back together, head attached to body. Not the greatest mini collectible figure we have received, but still pretty great for a desk toy!

Never underestimate the power of socks. I LOVE getting socks in subscription boxes, and this months zombie socks from Super Geek Box were no exception. While I like the officially licenced items, these ‘knock off’ items definitely do the trick, and once they are on your feet, you really don’t end up caring. I’m wearing these today, and they rock!

Winter is about to hit Canada hard, and frankly, I’m unprepared. I don’t even own a beanie! Well, I didn’t, but I do now thanks to Super Geek Box! This months Darkness crate came with a great beanie themed around Pacman. I know this isn’t officially licenced, but you wouldn’t know it from glancing at the item itself. Getting to walk around with one of the Pacman ghosts on my head is amazing, and nicely displays how much of a geek I really am!

Another incredibly underrated item in subscription boxes are patches. I absolutely love getting patches, as my wife sews them on my gaming bags and they add a nice bit of pizzaz to them. Keep giving these out Super Geek Box! I appreciate them. This awesome no-boo’s patch looks incredible!

The debate over whether Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie has begun, and we will continue to hear the debate until after December 25th. I can spark that conversation anytime I want now thanks to Jack Skellington emoji stickers and tshirt. I’m not a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan, but my brother-in-law is. I’m thinking I might have a great Christmas gift for him under the tree this year!

That is it for this months Super Geek Box! As always, you can head over to their site by clicking here and use the code SUPER to instantly save!


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