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Star Ocean Second Story R Impressions

Star Ocean Second Story R came out last week for the Nintendo Switch. I’ve been playing it and while my review isn’t ready yet, I do have some impressions of the game. How is Star Ocean Second Story R so far?

Square Enix has had an amazing year and it continues with Star Ocean Second Story R. The game came out last week and I’ve been playing it a lot. I’m hopelessly addicted to this game. Why is Star Ocean so addictive? Let’s get into it.


Star Ocean Second Story R is a remake of an rpg that was on Playstation 1. The game stars Claude C. Kenny, a member of a starship who gets separated from his crew and ends up on an unknown planet. He meets new friends and goes on an epic adventure. So far, Star Ocean’s story is pretty good and I’m enjoying it a lot. Its a totally new story to me since I never played the original game.

The graphics on this remake are completely new. Second Story has graphics that keep its characters pixel like and its graphics three dimensional. It reminds me a little of the HD-2D graphics expect, dare I say it, much better! The graphical style is so beautiful. The game looks great on the Switch. Star Ocean is a lot of fun too.


Star Ocean Second Story isn’t a turn-based rpg. The battles do transition to another screen and there are menus for spells, but you can press some buttons to attack with spells or with the weapon of the character you’re controlling. Battles are fast paced and pretty chaotic. Star Ocean also has fantastic exploration, with lots of things to find on the world map. Oh and you can fish on the world map too!

I can’t stop playing this game. Second Story has me hooked and I can’t wait to see what it offers next. Stay tuned to for my full of review of this wonderful game.

Thank you to Square Enix for providing a digital code. Star Ocean Second Story R is now available for the Nintendo Switch via retail and the eshop.


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