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Sony LinkBuds Review

I don’t own a cellphone and when I listen to music, its usually on youtube via my computer. So I don’t use headphones at all. And I have never used ear buds before. That said, when I was given the opportunity to review some ear buds I thought what the heck. I was hoping they’d work with my Nintendo Switch and guess what! They do. Here is my review of the Sony LinkBuds!


The Sony LinkBuds are pretty small. When I first took them out of the packaging, I was surprised by how small they were. They come in a small charging station that hook up via a USB cord that you can hook to your computer. Its very easy to do as long as you have an open USB port. As for using the Sony LinkBuds, that’s simple too. I tried the buds out with my Nintendo Switch!

The Switch has Bluetooth and the Sony LinkBuds paired quickly with the system. After that, I put the earbuds in my ears. I had never used earbuds before though and they didn’t feel that comfortable to me. Also I’m not sure if I wasn’t pushing them in far enough because they kept wanting to pop out. In the instructions, it tells you to slowly remove the earbuds because you don’t want to hurt your ears. I would always slowly bring them out.

So how is the sound via the Switch?

Its awesome!

I tried the Sony LinkBuds out on a few different games and on HULU and youtube. Animal Crossing New Horizons sounded the best of everything I tried. The music sounded great and I liked how sounds like the waves and an outdoor generator would get louder as you got closer to them. Sounds would also travel from one ear to the other. The LinkBuds absolutely make the world of Animal Crossing feel more alive.


I also tried the ear buds out with Persona 5 Strikers. The voice acting sounded much better via the LinkBuds then they do by the Switch’s own speaker. So does the music!

Other games that sounded good were Pokemon Scarlet and Atari 50. I really like listening to the video segments in Atari 50 via the LinkBuds.

Meanwhile, HULU sounded very good and so did youtube. If you want to listen to a show or a movie late at night, the LinkBuds would be your friend.

I like the sound of the LinkBuds a lot. If I can get comfortable wearing them, then I will definitely keep using them. If you’ve ever worn earbuds before, it is likely you won’t have trouble with these. They even come with replacement ear inserts too.

The Sony LinkBuds are a good quality product. I’m very glad I got to check them out.

The Sony Link Buds get an 8.5 out of 10.

The Sony Link Buds were provided for review. They are out now via retail stores!


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