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Seiren BT Microphone from Razer Does Some Things Right

The Razer Seiren BT Microphone was something I wasn’t sure I needed. Over the past few months, I’ve been creating vlogs on my DJI Pocket 2 and the onboard microphone for that device has been pretty good.


I was never really in the market for a Bluetooth microphone because I thought I didn’t need one. When Razer reached out to see if I wanted to check out the Seiren BT Microphone ahead of the holiday season, I jumped at the opportunity. But is this microphone any good?

The microphone is going to set you back just over $100, and I would argue that might be a fairly reasonable price for a Bluetooth microphone. The build quality is exceptional, with an all aluminium casing and a strong clip for attaching the microphone to your shirt or pocket.
The microphone charges with USB-C which is a real plus – and should be standard at this price really – plus an audio jack so you can monitor your audio as you record or stream. In terms of the build, I just wish the clip was a bit more versatile. Since it only allows you to clip the microphone vertically, you can lose audio quality if you happen to look down while speaking because it will shove the microphone into your throat area.
I’m happy that getting this paired to your devices is a really easy process, and if you are connecting this to your phone, it’s great that you can download the Razer gaming application and have further control over the Bluetooth headset. It’s a great feature of the Razer Seiren BT Microphone, but again, something we have come to expect from most gaming products in 2022.
But let’s get down to what is really important – how good is this microphone? The answer might shock you, or it might not. Listen, this is perfectly fine if it is all you have. I was doing some vlogging in a busy, load space and having the microphone closer to my person with the filter on it allowed me to drown out some of that background noise. The problem is the audio quality is all that great. It’s not bad, but you aren’t blowing anyone away. I am OK with the slight decrease in audio quality, however, if it helps me lessen the background noise around me.
I’ve also used this while playing games with friends and using Discord on my phone, and this is much better than using my phone microphone on speaker phone, which again picks up a lot of background noise. That being said, this isn’t something I’ll take out of the closet often, but does have its place in my gaming and vlogging setup.

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