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Pony Farm from Playmobil is the Companies Best Set?

When you have the opportunity to review a lot of products from one company, you quickly realize what works and what doesn’t. With each Playmobil set I’ve reviewed, I’ve generally been really pleased with what my kids and I have experienced. Unfortunately, there are times when a set doesn’t quite meet the expectations of myself, and perhaps Playmobil either. Over the last week, we have reviewed two large Playmobil sets, the Wiltopia Animals Care Station and the Pony Farm. We looked at the Animal Care Station last week, so let’s take a deep dive on the Pony Farm!

Pony Farm - 5684 | PLAYMOBIL®

Out of the Box

Unlike the Animal Care Station which involved almost a dozen bags of pieces and an extensive instruction manual, the Pony Farm only has a few bags and some larger pieces to worry about. It’s still a really big set, and one that will be the centerpiece of any Playmobil collection. Still, even without the numbered bags or the extensive instruction manual, putting together the Pony Farm was very easy.

Playmobil estimates (on the box) that it will take 60 minutes to put together the farm, but I was able to do it in 30 minutes, if not even less. To be fair, I’ve built about a dozen Playmobil sets in the past month, so I’m really intune with how these sets go together. There is a ton of stuff here to enjoy, including multiple horses, multiple characters, and enough accessories to keep kids busy for hours.

Pony Farm - 5684 | PLAYMOBIL®

Building the Set

If you read my Wiltopia Animal Care Station review, you know I was a bit miffed by what I thought was a slight lack of understanding about how flimsy the building was when put together. The supports that hold the house “above” the water often would come off, creating issues for my son. With the support removed, the house was much sturdier, but a lot of what made that set unique was then lost.

The Pony Farm was a completely different animal…literally! As there are no supports, the entire barn is built on sturdy, hard plastic bases. Each of the barn supports are held together with multiple pieces and once the entire barn was put together, it was SOLID. It was solid, in fact, that I accidently knocked it off the table I was building it on, and after hitting the floor NOTHING structural popped off the barn. If I had knocked the Wiltopia set off the table, it would have deconstructed into multiple pieces.

Fun to Play?

I think let the cat out of the bag with the title of this article, but I’m here to say that compared to all the Playmobil I’ve ever built or reviewed, this is by far the best set yet. There are so many great opportunities to use your imagination to run the greatest pony farm ever. On its own, this set is phenomenal and can be shared with multiple kids all at once. It’s big enough to have multiple small hands all engaging with the set at the same time, and there won’t be any fighting because of how many pieces are included with the set.

This barn also makes a great centerpiece of the wider Country Playmobil theme. We have a number of tractors, mobile homes, horses and a variety of other animals, and they all go so well together. My kids enjoy the “realistic” themes better than other themes (such as the dinosaur sets), and when they can mix and match Country with other sets, they absolutely loved it.


Listen, this set comes at a premium, and some may bawk at the price when they see it. However, this is worth every penny Playmobil is charging. My kids absolutely love it. It’s a great set, one that can be shared, and one that stands well above the rest of the Playmobil lineup. Playmobil is a great toy. This particular set is excellent.


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