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Pokémon Scarlet Review-in-progress Part 3

On part 1 of our review-in-progress of Pokemon Scarlet, we talked about what we liked about the game. In part 2, we talked about the negative aspects of the game. In part 3, our final part of our review-in-progress, we’ll discuss what we’ve seen on the game’s online play and where we think the game review score might be. Let’s get into it.


Pokémon Scarlet is, for the most part, a single player game. That said, it does have some online aspects. You can, for instance, join up with your friends and explore the world of Scarlet. We haven’t experienced that yet though. We have tried out some other parts of the Pokémon online experience though.

The first thing we tried was the Surprise Trades. This was a favorite in Pokémon Sword and so it had to be checked out. The trading is just like you’d find in Sword: you trade one of your Pokémon to a random stranger and you get a surprise one in return. You don’t know until you’ve traded what you’ll get. So you can get a high level Pokémon from a low level one or if you decide to trade one of your high level ones, you could get a low level one for that. Its not always a fair experience but sometimes it can net you a great Pokémon or one you haven’t had before. We like surprise trading.

There’s also Link trading too and we tried that. We have a friend who plays Pokémon (actually a few friends) and so we tried trading with him. We knew what we’d get and it worked out nicely. Pokémon for our collection that we did not have! There are other online features too that we checked out. We did a coliseum battle where you can casually battle another Pokémon player or battle them in a  Ranked battle. We ended up doing a casual battle and the online worked fine. We lost though!

Another cool feature is Raid Battles. You can pick a raid battle to take part in with friends or randoms or just choose a random battle. We went for a random Raid battle. It went very quickly. Got a new Pokémon though!

The online features for Pokemon Scarlet are very handy for helping to build out your Pokémon collection and/or just testing your strength in battles. They are very fun features and seem to work well. We will continue to test them for our full review.


What about our full review? Well, that’s coming next week. We still have a lot of the game to play through. The review score for this game is developing as we play it though. Currently, the game seems to be at a possible 7.5 or maybe 8.0. The game is pretty good.

It has a lot of issues and we have to weigh those issues against the amount of fun we’re having with the game. Scarlet will definitely be a lower score than Acreus which we gave an 8.5 and Brilliant Diamond which we gave a 9.0! We’re leaning toward the 8.0 but we’ll see if we run into a major glitches or other issues before the final review. That said, at this moment, we still think Pokemon Scarlet is a very good game and well worth picking up for any Pokemon fan.

Please stay tuned for our full review next week here at!


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