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PlayStation 5 Launch Day Purchases to be Online Only

PlayStation made an announcement today regarding the upcoming launch of the PS5. According to a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, there will be no PS5s available for purchase at physical retailers on launch day. Interested gamers will instead have to buy a console online for delivery or in-store pickup.


In the post, Sony acknowledged that they made this decision to ensure that customers would not be waiting in long lines during the pandemic. It appears that this is the only reason for the choice. Although it may be upsetting to some, I applaud Sony for considering the health of both their customers and essential workers.

Anyone that pre-ordered a console at a physical retailer need not worry, as they will still be fulfilling them in store. Only gamers who have not yet been able to place a pre-order successfully will be affected by this.

While I do support this decision by Sony, I hope there is a high quantity of console available for purchase at launch. I know I haven’t been able to find a PS5 to pre-order for myself and was hoping to get one on launch day. I hope they don’t release too few consoles, which would surely be out of stock in minutes.

Regardless, I’m going to try my hardest to find a PS5 and love that Sony is considering the safety of everyone involved in the launch day process. To anyone that wants a PlayStation 5 and hasn’t been able to pre-order one like me, good luck.


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