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Peppa Pig (Stadia)

Outright Games are at it again, the last few months have been absolute insane with game releases. My Friend Peppa was one of my most anticipated titles to be released. Having toddlers at home, Peppa has been a staple in our family for years. Get ready to explore Peppa’s world.


Platforms: Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Reviewed on:  Stadia

Developer: Petoons Studios SL

Publisher: Outright Games

Genre: Adventure, Family

ESRP Rating: Everyone

Release Date: October 22nd,2021

My Friend Peppa Pig starts off where you can create and customize a character. This is the character you will play as when you explore with Peppa Pig. My Friend Peppa Pig will take you on a journey to Peppa’s house, Granny and Grandpas, Playgroup, museum, Windy Castle, Snowy Mountain, Potato City, and more.

Television Series Brought to Life

My Friend Peppa Pig starts off at Peppa’s house, and I was pleasantly surprised that the game had voice acting which made it feel complete. Each location is crafted perfectly to resemble the television series and they capture every detail. While playing the game it felt like I was watching a new episode of Peppa Pig. My young toddlers actually enjoyed watching the game play out.

Simple but Fun for Everyone

My Friend Peppa Pig is geared towards a younger audience given the game is played by using only one action button the A button. This is great as kids are able to play with little to no help when exploring. I enjoyed all the missions when visiting different areas. My favourite was jumping up and down in muddy puddles after all it’s what Peppa is known for. My Friend Peppa Pig is a friendly easy story to follow which is nice for kids.

Throughout the game Peppa is always by our side to help and guide us. It’s a good thing because she is actually helpful most of the game.

Visuals and Sound are Oinktastic 

My Friend Peppa Pig looks great, the world is well designed and colourful. Outright games finally released a game with decent voice acting I hope to see more of this in the future. At Grandmas and Grandpas house I enjoyed the song at the end of the level after you check on the baby chickens, it was a good touch. Throughout the game with music and sound effects in the right places makes the game feel more polished.

Final Verdict

My Friend Peppa Pig was a great time for the family. While playing on Google Stadia I did encounter a glitch where the game had no sound. Not to worry it’s an easy fix, just go to the options and bring all the sound back up and you won’t have the issue again. My Friend Peppa Pig features 11 achievements all are unlocked though gameplay along with the story I got all 11 with ease.

My Friend Peppa Pig is extremely short. I beat this game in under an hour. After beating the game, I was wishing for more time with our friendly pig friend. My Friend Peppa Pig although it was short it was still a fun time. It’s crazy to think we can explore all these World’s in such a short time, each World was beautifully done.

My Friend Peppa Pig is a must play even if you don’t have kids around. It’s a fun story with lots to do in Peppa’s World. My only concern is the hefty price tag for the game, the game is done well but the length is the issue I have. 



-Beautiful crafted World that mirrors the television series

-Excellent voice acting

-Easy for kids to play

-Fun story for all


-Game is short

-Sound Glitch