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More Thoughts From Me #146: Valkyria Switch Chronicles

I played and enjoyed the demo of Valkyria Chronicles 4 on the Nintendo Switch. I didn’t have the money to get the full game though.But then Valkyria Chronicles 1 came to the Switch. This game, being older, was much cheaper on the Nintendo Switch. I bought it and downloaded it as soon as I could! Now that I’ve played it some, I have thoughts on it. Is Valkyria Chronicles 1 as good as the fourth one?


The first Valkyria Chronicles plays a lot like the fourth one. There isn’t much differance in fact. I do think the visuals on four might be slightly better and four also has the awesome Grenadier class, which the first one does not have. Other than that, the games are pretty similar.

In both games, you navigate each section of the game via mini-chapters in a book. All of the leveling up/equiping in one and four are done by menus. The battle system, most of all, is the same. I like the battles a lot.

The third person action game battles are fantastic in one. I do miss that Grenadier class, but the lancer, sniper, and tank are great! Shocktroppers are handy too. Valkyria may seem like an easy game first, but once you dig further into it, it gets harder.

There is so much strategy to this game. I am becoming a big fan of the Valkyria Chronicles series. I’m glad the first game came to the Switch. It looks and plays excellent on the tv & in handheld mode. The controls are good, the story is just as interesting as the fourth game, and its just a fun game overall.

And the game has an excellent storyline too. I love the cutscenes. The graphics are beautiful in and out of cutscenes. What a game!

I would highly recommend getting the first game and the fourth one on Nintendo Switch. Lets let Sega know that we want more Valkyria Chronicles on this system!

Have you played Valkyria Chronicles 1? Did you play 4? What do you think of the games? What’s your favorite class?

Next week: Snaaaaaaaake! I have Metal Gear Solid 5 for the PS4. I’ll tell you about some of my adventures in the game so far.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I have to get Valkyria Chronicles 4 sooner or later!



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