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Lone McLonegan

Lone McLonegan just wants to be the most wanted criminal in the old west! If you think you can help him, then get your point and click skills ready for Lone McLonegan for the Switch. Well, okay check out my review first!


Lone McLonegan is an old fashioned point and click Adventure that happens to be set in the old West. There is a lot of humor to this tale of a criminal, Lone, who’s upset that another criminal is now the most wanted. So he sets out to set the record straight!

The story is funny, with some pretty unexpected dialogue choices and things to collect. Unfortunately not everything has gone smoothly with my experience with this game. I’ve seen a lot of strange dialogue errors, for instance people’s name in place of actual dialogue appearing, along the way.

Hopefully a Day One patch will get rid of this and nobody will know what I’m talking about here. Despite these errors, I still like the game’s story.

Its not always clear what to do in Lone McLonegan though. Part of being an old fashioned Adventure game is basically there being no hints whatsoever. You must use your wits and explore everything to figure out what you should be doing. Old school Adventure fans will love this, newer player will get lost easily.


The controls in Lone McLonegan was really good, especially if you use button controls. There is touch controls, but its not as smooth an experience as buttons. The cursor could act a bit glitchy while using the touch screen.

As for its graphics, Lone is a good looking game. Its Old West look is spot on. The hero and all the characters look exactly how you’d expect them to look. Ditto the places you visit.

Overall, Lone McLonegan is a good game that has a few problems in its current state. Its still a fun game though. If you like the old west and point and click adventures with a dash of humor, then you may want to check this game out.

Lone McLonegan gets a 7.0 out of 10.

Thank you to Flynn’s Arcade for the digital code. Lone McLonegan is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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