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LEGO Galaxy Explorer LEGO Set Review

When I saw that the LEGO Galaxy Explorer had about 1200 pieces in it, I was expecting a fairly decent build, but nothing compared to the sets I’ve reviewed that had 1000s upon 1000s of pieces. Boy was a I wrong. Earlier this month we detailed sets that would be nostalgic for adults in 2022, and we listed this set as one of them. Now we are here to tell you why it is so good, and why it would make a great gift this holiday season!


Out of the Box

There are a ton of bags inside this box, but more notable is the thick instruction booklet that details every single step you’ll need to build the Galaxy Explorer. There are a ton of great pieces here, and as it is a 18+ set, you know that the build is going to be detailed and fun. The set includes 4 minigures modeled after the original Space Man figure that debuted so many decades ago. Each astronaut figure has it’s own jetpack and visorless helmet. I’ve seen comments about why thes space men don’t have visors, and the answer is simple – the original didn’t have a visor!

The Build

I’ve said for a long time that the LEGO Grand Piano is the best LEGO build I’ve ever completed, and while the Galaxy Explorer doesn’t quite live up to the experience I had with the grand piano, it is a very close second. First of all, this set is massive. I know 1200 pieces sounds like a lot, but when I compare it to other 1200 piece set I’ve built, this one dwarfs those. The included pieces do a great job of making this set so much longer and wider than I would have expected, and much wider than the classic LEGO set it is modeled after.

What I like is that despite trying to emulate and old classic set, this one is using all the latest and greatest LEGO building techniques, which makes this not only a fun build, but something that looks great on display as well. LEGO has really outdone themselves when putting this set together, and the value is in every step. There is value in the theming and the nostagia it brings. There is value in the pieces and the complexity of the build. And there is value in the final product, whether as a play-thing for your kids, or something you plan to put on display.

Is It Worth It?

Ultimately, however, the question will be whether this set is worth 129.99 CAD. The short answer is yes. Even if you don’t have an affinity for the older space LEGO sets from the 90s, this is still a fantastic set. While some features might make you scratch your head – like the visor-less astronaughts with only a smiling face and no extra features – the ship itself is beautifil and fun to build.

That being said, this set will mean a lot more to someone who grew up with space LEGO in the 90s. The simplicity of the minifigures becomes something to remember fondly, as opposed to something to be disappointed about. And the lack of flash in the set – this is mostly blue and grey folks – will again give those nostalgic vibes. Either way, this is a set worth owning.


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