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iRobot Holiday Gift Guide

The cleaning products from iRobot have been some of the best I have demoed, and while they all might have their drawbacks, it’s the companies continued drive to do better on future iterations that keeps me coming back. iRobot has steadily improved the capabilities of their devices, and have made cleaning my home such a breeze. Below, we are highlighting a few of our favourite products, and ones we recommend this holiday season!

In full transparency, we have worked with iRobot on a number of product reviews over the past few years. That being said, our impressions and opinions are our own, and have not been influenced by iRobot in any way. It is worth noting that GamesReviews has a policy of NOT writing gift guides about products we don’t truly love using. Our staff have used both the Roomba and Braava products in the past, and are up-to-date on the latest from iRobot.

Excited about these iRobot products? You can read our review of the Braava jet m6 now, and check out our review of the Roomba Combo j7+ very sooN!


THE 2-IN-1 VACUUM (NEWLY LAUNCHED): Roomba Combo j7+ ($1399. 99 CAD) is the world’s most advanced 2-in-1 vacuum and mop combo to date. It has a mop that senses carpet then fully retracts to the top of the robot — completely away from your carpet to avoid wet carpet messes. Powered by iRobot OS 5.0, the vacuum has more control over how you clean.


 THE SMARTEST VACUUM YET: Roomba j7+ ($999.99 CAD) is a collaborative cleaning partner that delivers superior cleaning performance. The Roomba j7+ offers unique PrecisionVision Navigation that identifies and avoids common obstacles such as cords and pet waste (see P.O.O.P promise) and gets smarter with each use. You can also forget about vacuuming for months at a time with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal that allows the j7+ to empty itself for up to 60 days.


 MOP WITH EASE: Braava jet m6 ($599.99 CAD) is ideal for multiple rooms and large spaces, and helps tackle all of life’s messes on hard floors. Simply attach a mopping or sweeping pad and the robot automatically takes it from there to give you fresh, clean floors. It also learns and maps your home, so it can clean when and where you want.


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