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Interview with PulseLabz Co-Founder Andy Hsu

We recently did an interview with PulseLabz co-founder Andy Hsu about his companies gaming racing chairs, doing business in Canada, and more! If you are looking into getting a PulseLabz Racing Chair this holiday season, the company has graciously offered a $40 coupon code upon checkout with the code, ‘gamesreviews’. Read our interview with Andy below and lets talk Canadian Gaming Chairs!


Adam: How did Pulse Labz start?gaming chairs


PulseLabz was created with the forethought of genuinely helping out the gaming community.

We are based from Vancouver, BC, and our main mission is to provide an affordable alternative to the customarily overpriced gaming chairs on the market. In doing so, we have managed to improve the overall quality aspect and included all the features needed in an ergonomic chair.

Adam: How are your chairs manufactured, and what type of products and materials do you use to provide the best possible quality? Also, if I purchase a chair from you, do I get white gloves to assemble it?

Our chairs are manufactured in a 10 step process. At the core of a PulseLabz gaming chair, you will find a high strength welded-steel frame as the body of the chair, and Pulse Cushioning (high density foam) that provides cushioning for the chair. We choose to use high density foam because it provides a nice cushion for the body while retaining its shape over long periods of induced stress from sitting. This will ensure that the customer will not have to worry about the cushioning bottoming out over years of sitting in the chair.

The three directional armrests provide flexibility for users to find the best position for their arms. Also, we have included extra padding and cushioning on the armrest which prevents stress on the elbows (this was something we really wanted to fix because other companies use hard plastic).

The 5-star aluminum base provides strength and support, while being aesthetically pleasing. Other companies tend to use plastic for this feature.

Yes, you do receive a pair of white gloves for installation with each PulseLabz chair!


Adam: Why Canada? The Racing Chair market seems the biggest in Europe (from our media perspective), although a few have satellite offices in the United States.

As Canadians, we realized that the options for gaming chairs here in Canada ranges in price points from $385 to $575. Again, PulseLabz’s mission is to provide the best quality product at an affordable price.

Here at PulseLabz, we also want to bring attention to the Canadian eSports scene and we believe with our open mindedness in collaborations we will be able to help out the community in that aspect.

Adam: What sets PulseLabz chairs apart from the competition? Right away, I know some folks I’ve spoken with here in Canada are impressed with your free shipping, but what about the chairs themselves?

There are three main factors that sets us apart:

  1. Quality: At PulseLabz, we use steel frame construction, high density foam padding for cushioning, Polyurethane leather wrap, 3 directional padded armrests, and an aluminum 5-star base.
  2. Pricepoint: As gamers ourselves, we believe in making our chairs affordable to the community while being able to enjoy a high quality product.
  3. Warranty/ Customer Service: We offer lifetime warranty on the parts of our chairs. For example, if the caster were to break, we would replace the part for you free of charge. This goes hand in hand with the customer service that we provide. At PulseLabz, we are prompt with any questions or concerns about our product and make sure that every customer is satisfied.
  4. Are you partnered with any eSports teams, tournaments, or companies?

We are currently partnered with a local companies and collegiate teams at the moment. One of which is Vancouver Street Battle, a premier fighting game lounge/host of gaming events here in BC. They have a great community with passionate gamers and we strongly believe in their vision of becoming one of Canada’s top gaming event host in the future.


Adam: Where can our readers find you on social media?

PulseLabz is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @pulselabz. Please give us a follow and thank you so much for the support!

Adam: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

We would like to thank the community for all their support and we will continue to innovate and provide the best quality product along with great customer service. As a token of our gratitude, we would like to provide the readers with a 40$ coupon code for our website (Code: gamesreview). Lastly, we want to thank Games Reviews for the opportunity to do this interview. We are humbled and greatly appreciate it.


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