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Indie World Showcase 11.9.2022 (video)

There was a brand new Indie World Showcase from Nintendo today! Check it out below and then come back here for some thoughts on it.

Today’s Indie World Showcase was really good! A lot of games were shown and most of them looked excellent. Here are the ones that we were blown away by:

Sports Story: The final game shown during the Showcase. We knew about Sports Story for awhile but had no idea when it was coming. Now we know that it’ll be out in December. And the new footage shown from this game is fantastic! There are a lot of sports in this game but you can also go into dungeons and explore different places too. Best of all: there’s fishing! Sports Story looks so good.

Dordogne: Wow. This game looks absolutely beautiful. Dordogne is a game with a painted landscape to explore. They used painting and animation to inspire the look of this game. You play as a character in her past as a kid and as an adult. This game is coming out next year and it’ll be a must play for us!

Blanc: Blanc is a co-op adventure game where you play as two animals. It has an amazing black and white drawing feel to the visuals. It looks pretty neat!

Once Upon A Jester: This game is coming out today! Once Upon A Jester has you playing as a group of traveling entertainers who want to steal a diamond. It looks totally weird and goofy. It should be a fun game.

Have A Nice Death: Its a roguelike game where you play as Death! You can’t die because, well, you’re already dead. Did we mention your Death itself?! Have A Nice Death reminds us a bit of games like Hollow Knight. Its coming next year and should be a game well worth check out.

And there was other cool games like Oni and Pepper Grinder. This was the best Indie World Showcase in quite a while.

What games shown in today’s Indie Showcase are you looked forward to?


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