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Go to the next Level with Gravitrax Power

I’ve said it many times before that I think Gravitrax is the best toy currently available on the market. Yes, that is a bold statement, but if assess the amount of money it would cost to buy the Gravitrax sets I currently own, and divide that by how much my kids have played with the toy, it is easily number one. Recently, Ravensburger sent over Gravitrax Power, which adds, well, power! Now my kids can create better marble runs and so much more. This set comes with a fairly high price point, so is it worth it? Let’s take a look.

GRAVITRAX Gets Ready To Add Electronic Components To Your Marble Tracks —  GeekTyrant

If you are unfamiliar with Gravitrax, I don’t think I could explain it better than just having you watch the video below. Essentially, it’s a marble course building toy, but not like the ones you might remember from when you are a kid. This is sophisticated, and requires a little bit of thought if you want to create something unique.

So let’s take a look at Gravitrax Power, and what it adds. Of course, as with any set, it adds brand new pieces to use, baseplates, and so much more. But the real shinning feature are the powered pieces. These pieces can be “connected” together by making sure the lights on the pieces match the same colour. If you had multiple Gravitrax Power sets, you could link a set of green pieces, blue poieces, and red pieces. The set comes with a remote control that will allow you more control over the courses you build.

A starting area can hold a number of balls, and when the button is pushed (matching the coloured button on the pad with the colour on the piece), it drops one ball onto the course. Now, you could continue pressing that button to add more balls to the course when you desire, or you can use a small tunnel that will automatically drop a ball for you. When the colour on the tunnel piece matches the colour on the starting piece where the balls drop from, it will sent a signal from the tunnel to the starter telling it to drop another ball.

While you can use this in many creative ways, my kids have opted to use this feature to make their really long courses even longer. By placing the tunnel at the very end of the course, they can watch their creation work for a decent amount of time as each new marble is dropped onto the track. The best way to see this in action is to check out this video from Ravensburger:

These sets from Ravensburger continue to impress, and I seriously cannot wait for what is going to come next. This has been our favourite toy for the last three years running. And it doesn’t look like it will give up that title anytime soon!


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