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Gaming Icon Tony Hawk Teaming up with Hot Wheels

So, we have all heard of tech deck I think at some point, and surprisingly they are still around. They have in the past utilized different skate brands throughout the years to utilize their designs and options. But this time gaming icon Tony Hawk is getting hands…errr fingers on. So, what could possibly be different on Hot Wheels take on a 20+ year old product?


In a partnership with legendary skateboarder and entrepreneur, Tony Hawk, the Hot Wheels brand continues to grow and expand with its introduction into the fingerboard space, bringing unique products to new fans while also creating an inclusive line for a variety of experience levels.  Like skateboarding, finger boarding takes practice to build up the skills to ollie, kickflip, grind and more. Hot Wheels Skate is on a mission to make finger boarding more accessible and inviting to everyone from groms (beginners) to experts of all ages with no rules or limits.

Alright, so what’s the catch? Well, it’s tiny shoes for your fingers! Honestly, it’s quite hilarious and kind of InGenius all at the same time!


Hot Wheels Skate is available at Walmart Canada, with products such as:

Fingerboard + Shoe Assorted Pack – $4.99 CAD

Each fully assembled Hot Wheels fingerboard comes with a pair of stylish, removable skate shoes, designed to keep fingertips in place when learning to shred and ollie like a pro. Groms can build confidence and get the feel for the board and its movements before removing the shoes and trying more difficult maneuvers.

Amusement Park Skate Set – $44.99 CAD

The Hot Wheels Skate™ Amusement Park Skate Set is the ultimate skate destination packed with wicked obstacles, rad designs and skate-activated sounds for an amped-up play experience! This massive playset is ready for epic finger-boarding stunts with ramps, ledges, rails and half pipes as well as trigger buttons that activate awesome music mid-shred.

Fingerboard + Shoe 4-Pack – $19.99 CAD

Perform gnarly stunts and master elite moves with this multipack of Hot Wheels Skate™ fingerboards and skate shoes. The set includes four different, awesomely styled and fully assembled fingerboards along with two different pairs of shoes that can be used interchangeably with all boards.

Collector Series Assortment – $8.99 CAD

Embrace the full Hot Wheels Skate experience with this sweet set that includes a fingerboard and skate shoes plus one Hot Wheels vehicle. Each set has matching details featuring metallic board graphics and an exclusive Hot Wheels vehicle.


With all of these options there are plenty to choose from, I fully expect to see these being a hot holiday gift across school yards nationwide.




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