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Elite Trainer Boxes are the Perfect Holiday Gift

When it comes to beginning your Pokémon Trading Card Game collection, there are really only two places to start if you plan to actually play the game. If you are just going to collect cards, any pack or box set will do. But if you want to play, that is a different story. The starter decks allow for players to get going right away with no effort. But Elite Trainer Boxes give players almost everything they need to start crafting their very own decks.


What I love about Elite Trainer Boxes is all the goodies that come inside, outside of the packs. I opened up a MewTwo Pokémon Go box, and like all the other boxes, I got card sleeves, dice for damage counters, a giant pack of energy cards, and dividers for my cards. When it comes to building out your own decks, the pack of energy cards are so valuable. When you purchase booster packs – in Canada 6.99 for 10 cards – each pack comes with one random energy card. As you will want about 18 energy cards in your deck, and at least 10 of a specific kind (if you have a dual deck), it could take you a long time and a lot of packs before you accumulated the correct energy needed for your deck. With the Elite Trainer Box, you get a whole wack-load right in the box. It’s outstanding.

This specific Pokémon Go box included one foil MewTwo card, and while that makes the card much less rare then other foil cards, it’s still a great addition to the box, and a great card to add to your deck.


If you have a Pokemon fan in your family, then the Elite Trainer Boxes are such a good buy this holiday season. They are really exciting to open – my box came with 10 packs of cards, which if purchased at retail separate would ahve cost me around $70 + tax! The box itself also doubles as card storage, which will be important for those looking to keep their cards in great condition.

Often when I do these reviews, people say I’m shilling out for the company because the product was provided. Yes, this Elite Trainer box was provided to me free of charge, but I enjoyed it so much, I went out and purchased 4 more Elite Trainer boxes! We will open them up and review them soon, so stay tuned!




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