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Battle Hunters

If you’ve ever been looking for a game thats a dungeon crawler but with a turn-based battle system than we might have the game for you! Battle Hunters for the Nintendo Switch is such a game. Is it any good?


When you start playing Battle Hunters, you may think the game is a dungeon crawler in the vain of Diablo. And while the game does have a little Diablo in its blood: find treasure, fight monsters, go into dungeons, etc, the game’s combat is very far from Diablo.

Battle Hunters has a turn-based combat system. The player will come upon enemies in a circle, a menu will pop-up and the player directs their characters on what to do from there. The enemy can move within the circle and the player can tell their allies to move, attack, defend, or use a special attack.

The battle system isĀ  good if you like turn-based combat. Its simple but has some strategy to it. The battles are not easy in this game and honestly, there doesn’t seem to be enough battles to keep your party super powered up so you have to fight smart and be careful.

You’ll find more and more allies to recreate for you team. That said, there can only be three party members at one time, though you can switch between them whenever you are out of battle. Its too bad you can’t switch characters during battle if one of them dies..

Battle Hunters is not the most complex game. There is a bunch of stuff to do but this game isn’t as big as something like Diablo. And its graphics are probably on par with an early PS2 game. Battle Hunters seems like its meant for players who are looking for a not as complex dungeon crawler that still has a bit of challenge to it.

This game won’t blow you away but it is a good game, especially if you’re not familiar with dungeon crawlers and/or turn-based games. Its not an easy game but its exploration, battle system, leveling up and inventory is easy to manage and could provide new players an interesting game to check out.

Battle Hunters get a 7.0 out of 10.

Thanks to Plan of Attack for providing a digital code for this review. Battle Hunters is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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