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Across the Morphite Universe

You land on a planet in a pod, take out your scanner and innocently analyze plants, wild life, and other stuff. Then some random creature sees you and decides to attack. Do you take out your pistol and waste ammo on this random creature or do you try to run away? You could also just scan the creature and let it maul you to death while you do so. Its your choice. Welcome to the Morphite universe. You’ll explore it, scan stuff, find stuff, defeat creatures, and try to live for another mission!


When I received my Nintendo Switch review code for Morphite yesterday from Blowfish Studios, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that the graphics and gameplay for Morphite looked interesting but I wasn’t prepared for what I found.

Morphite reminds me a bit of the Metroid Prime series, but its very different from that overall. The only things it has in common from that series is that 1) The game is a first person shooter, 2) The main character is a woman and 3) You scan stuff. Other than that, Morphite has a lot of features that are totally different from the Metroid Prime series. I actually wish Metroid did have some of these features!

In Morphite, you start off on a space station, get into your spaceship, and access a star chart to plan out where you want to go. Your ship only has so much fuel, so you may actually have to stop over at other space stations on the way to refuel. There’s a menu system that’ll help you figure out where to go. It’ll even take you right to the next place if you have enough fuel!

To get more fuel, you need chunks. You get chunks by scanning stuff and then selling the scans. This is a really cool feature and it makes Morphite’s worlds seem very alive. Theres tons of vegetation and wildlife running around. Its fun to explore these worlds and the space stations too. You can even pick up side quests from the different worlds and space stations that you visit.


Morphite also has some random events as you explore the galaxy. You can be headed toward a planet and you’ll get attacked by some random spaceship. You have a few choices, including fighting the other ship. The spaceship fighting is a really neat first person shooting sequence. You could also run into an astroid field and that’ll show your ship and have you dodging astroids. Its unbelievable how many cool things are in Morphite!

I’m not very far into the game yet. But I’m having a ton of fun with Morphite. I love exploring the planets and seeing the random events as I navigate outer space. And this game does have a story too and so far that story is good!

No spoilers from me about the game’s story, but I’m finding it very interesting. I like the main character and her sidekick Kitcat. I also can’t wait to see where the game takes me next.

Morphite is a fun game. There’s just so much to it, stuff I haven’t even mentioned and I’m sure stuff I haven’t run into yet! Oh and this game has very good graphics too. I am addicted to Morphite right now.

I’ll try to have my review of Morphite for Nintendo Switch next week. In the meantime, if you read this and you like what you’re hearing, then you can go to the Nintendo Switch eShop and download this game right now!


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