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7 Fantastic Holiday Games from Funko Games

Board games themed to specific seasons are not generally the most popular thing, but when they are as affordable as what Funko Games is offering this holiday season, it’s a bit easier to make the plunge. Holiday games only last for a month or so before being put away until next season, but these little games from Funko are going to make great pre-Christmas Day game nights a lot of fun, or will make excellent stocking stuffers for those board game loving people in your family! Let’s take a look at what they are offering this year!

Coca-Cola Polar Rollers Game


13+ | 2-6 Players

“Share a smile and pass a pair of Coca-Cola Polar Bears in this lively push-your-luck game! Each turn adds bigger rewards as you roll the bears to match and score. You can stop anytime, or keep rolling for more points…just don’t get frozen out! Enjoy at your next game night!”

Long push-your-luck games can be a pretty big drag, but quick games like this are so much fun to play. Even if you lose, the fun you have with friends is worth the effort and time. If you’ve enjoyed chucking pigs in a previous life – if you get that joke, good on you – then you will love chucking polar bears even more!

The Muppet Christmas Carol: Spirit of Giving


7+ | 2-4 Players

“Join the Muppers for some spirited holiday cheer! Collect your favourite characters to make sets and score points. Complete another player’s set and you both receive a gift! In this game of giving, the most generous player wins!”

This might not be my favourite game in the stack, but it does have a unique mechanic that you don’t often see in board and card games. This is a game where helping others helps yourself, so being aware of what is going on around the table is key to success. No one is winning this game on their own, so team up and help out your competition – it will bode well for you!

Rugrats: The Meanie of Chanukah


5+ | 2-4 Players

“As the first night arrives, it’s time for the Rugrats to learn the story of Chanukah. Dreidels, gelt, and latkes await – but will the “Meanie” of Chanukah spoil the holiday? Bring old rivals Grandpa Boris and the mysterious Shlomo together, and they will shed light on the real meaning of Chanukah!”

This is a clever matching game that takes the idea of Memory and boosts it up a bit with a few other mechanics to make a game that is not only easy for young kids to play, but still engaging for adults as well. This won’t be a game we play on our serious board game nights, but will definitely take this out with the kids as we head into the holiday season!

Winnie the Pooh: Snow Parade Game


3+ | 2-4 Players

“Help Winnie the Pooh and friends put together a holiday parade! Work together to match colors, moving the characters forward and backward. If you need an extra hand, Christopher Robin is always there! Get all the characters in the right order to win!”

Cooperative games with the kids are generally a lot of fun, and I think the cooperative nature of these games allows the game to be played by a slightly younger fan base! 3+ games are hard to come by in 2023, so having this as an option is really great! Plus, who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh!

Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer: Snowstorm Scramble


5+ | 1-5 Players

“Journey with Rudolph, Hermey, and Yukon Cornelius across the North Pole. Scamper through snowstorms to outrun Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster!”

There aren’t many solo games on this list, but this is one that younger kids can play all on their own if they wish. However, as with most things, it’s better to play this one with friends. The larger player count means more players can get in on the fun, and is yet another cooperative experience to enjoy from Funko this year!

Chip ‘n’ Dale: Christmas Treasures


5+ | 2-6 Players

“Chip ‘n’ Dale have found their way into the Christmas tree! Help them collect treasures and treats for their winter stockpile.”

If you’ve seen the old cartoon with Chip ‘n’ Dale battling it out with Donald around the Christmas tree than you might be as excited about this little card game as I am. The metal Collectors Edition is fantastic, and the puzzle board quality is great. This game is quick to table and just as quick to play. Another push-your-luck experience from Funko Games!

Peanuts Charlie Brown: Trim the Tree Game


5+ | 1-5 Players

My youngest loves dexterity games, which is why Animals Upon Animals makes its way to the table so often. We can put that one away this holiday season, however, as I think this Peanuts inspired dexterity game is probably going to take over! Of all the games Funko sent, this one will definitely get the most table time this holiday season!


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