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Top 5 popular casino games in Ireland

Do Irish people enjoy casino games? Yes, of course – like anybody else in the world. But, what are the most popular games in Ireland? It is home to no less than 12 casinos, which primarily are located in Dublin. Land-based casinos (also known as “members-only” gambling clubs) are a very popular leisure in town, as well as a good source to feed the countries budget. Are there any other places to play, if you’re not a member?


Our team has made a research on this topic and are ready to present you with some interesting information. Keep up with us on this article to learn more!


One of the most popular and could be one of the oldest games for gambling in the world and Ireland in particular. It is believed that BlackJack started out, originally, as a game called “Veintiuna”, which is “twenty-one” in Spanish. The first references are dated back to the 17th century. While a lot has changed since then, the main goal is still to get 21 points.

Modern times have made some drastic changes to gambling. One does no longer need to leave his or her cozy home to have a game or another. You can easily find your favorite pick just by searching through the web. A large variety of options are available to an individual, which sometimes could lead to hard decision-making. For this very reason, we are gladly sharing with you our resources for your top casinos online.

If you’re looking for the best online places to have a great time and play BlackJack whilst in Ireland, check out Lucky Irish Casinos.


Another all-around game that has been with us since the first slot-machines. “Slots” – pull the trigger and take your chance. One of the games, where you truly depend on luck, since there’s no possibility to change the outcome before the spin, nor after. Everybody’s first time in a casino usually starts with this game. Those, who have had offline experience, remember the awaiting for the best match to come out after the “pull”.

Playing “Slots” online brings a lot more dynamics into the game. Everybody enjoys colorful interfaces and wild chances of getting crazy prizes. With so many different sites that offer this game, you can be sure to find the one that suits you best. To give you help in this meaningful task, we’ve made a research and found a list of the best online casino slots, which you can see here.


Black or red? What would be your choice? Roulette – precise meaning “little wheel” in French. Every movie’s casino opening scene starts with the croupier spinning the wheel and the little ball going the opposite direction. Where would you bet for it to land?

A game that truly no casino can afford itself to prosper without!


In modern-day gambling, roulette differs by the number of “zeros” on the wheel. If you’re playing in Ireland, then most probably you’ll be playing the “single zero”, also known as the “European Roulette”. It is a very intriguing game and can bring great fortune to anyone who is willing to try his or her luck.


A classic casino game to play at the table. Baccarat is a competition of a player against the bank, like in other classic casino games. To give you a quick start, you should keep in mind that this game has three options of rules. We will not list them here, since you can easily look them up and go into every detail. But beware, that you will have to adjust your playing strategy depending on the game you are playing.

With online gaming on the rise in Ireland, Baccarat has become a truly trending casino game. With so much to offer for your gaming experience, we highly recommend you try yourself at it. If you’ve never played it before, no worries! You will tune in quite fast and will find yourself entertained from the very first moments.

Live Casino Games 

Gambling has been around us since the beginning of time. Even though playing cards, dice, roulettes, and other gaming attributes are referred to as more “modernly” gaming, this entertainment industry continues to grow and revolutionize along with the needs of the present individual. Many people find themselves in a need of social-distancing. A term that has not been used that often in the past days but times are changing.

No more than thirty years ago, playing a casino game out of your living-room was impossible and unimaginable. But today, we are in an age of digitization. Even though classic land-based casinos are still operating, more and more people are preferring trending online casino games. This trend is true to Ireland as to any other part of the world.