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The World Ends With You – Pinning Down Battle (Trailer)

I’ve never played The World Ends With You. I saw some previews for the game on the DS and didn’t think the game would be for me. Now that the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, I’ve been looking at some previews and what I’m seeing is very interesting. Check out the latest trailer for Nintendo and then please come back here for my thoughts for it.

The battles in The World Ends With You look intense and very interesting. Its  an action rpg and I like the look of its chaotic battles.

I also think the search mechanic is neat. Looking for enemies and then getting into fights? Very cool. And then theres the pin system.

You equip pins in the menu and that determines what abilities you have in battle. The pin system really reminds me of the badge system from the early Mario & Luigi games, which I liked a lot.

Add to that new equipment you can buy, a difficulty gauge, and just how neat the game looks and The World Ends With You could be a winner for the Nintendo Switch.

The game comes out on October 12th! Will you be picking up The The World Ends With You on Nintendo Switch?



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