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Pay N Play Slots is the Biggest Trend in Netherland Online Gambling

What are Pay N Play slots? They are the regular slots that you play at an online casino, but with an exciting twist. Pay N Play makes it possible to deposit, withdraw money and play at an online site without the delays that most players dislike.

The company behind Pay N Play, Trustly, does not require players to open new accounts each time they want to use the account or enter [personal information that fraudsters could use.

You derive several benefits when you use this payment method to play slots. You can place bets with the small amounts associated with slots, get the best benefits to playing IDEAL casino sites, and withdraw your winnings as soon as you hit your lower limit. You can use this option anywhere, including The Netherlands, and now several casinos list it as one of their banking options.

This article will explain why Pay N Play is so popular these days and how you can start using it right away.

Why Do Players Like Pay N Play?

Here are some reasons why instant-play casinos are loved in the Netherlands and other parts of the world.


No Registration There is nothing fun about registering your details to access a casino’s games. When you simply want to deposit your money and place your bets, you will be looking at a site that allows you to do just that. You just need to give your bank ID to allow access to your account, and this is done with the utmost discretion.

Safe and Legal – You will be making payments through Trustly, regulated by the Swedish financial supervisory authority. This means your money is secure, and your bank details are stored by an entity with a proven record of online payments.

Casino Bonuses – We like these, don’t we? You get all the perks that come from playing online, including free spins for your slots, welcome bonuses, and more.

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals Deposits reflect in your account instantly, while withdrawals take 12 hours or so because of the casino’s due diligence.

Mobile-friendly One of the things that have led to immense growth in the gambling industry is mobile devices. When developers made mobile-compatible games, they invited other stakeholders to develop mobile solutions, and Pay N Play is one. You can pay from your bank into your casino using Trustly in minutes.

How Pay N Play Works

When you play Pay N Play slots at any site, you will have to open an account with Trustly first, and they will be responsible for the storage of any personal data you share. You will be required to give your bank details since money transfers will come from your bank account to your gambling account. Because of this process, your information is safe, and you can count on Trustly not to disclose it to any other party or use it for any other reason than the payment you will initiate.

Depositing into Pay and Play Casinos

First, find the ideal casino with the game variety you want, register an account, and head to the cashier’s section.

  • Select the payment option you want.
  • Enter the amount you are depositing, the bank account, and then validate this information with your password.
  • You will be notified of the transaction’s success, and you can start playing as soon as you wish.


You will be required to meet some specific requirements by your preferred site, including the lower limit for withdrawal. Even though Pay and Play casinos release money into your account faster than when you do a traditional money transfer, there is still a small waiting window as the casino looks into your account.

  • At the site, choose the correct withdrawal method.
  • Enter the amount to draw and then enter bank details as recommended.
  • Enter your password and wait for the notification.

Usually, your account is credited immediately, but the money will only be in your account in 12 hours or so. Pay N Play casinos will usually not charge you for using this method, but the bank may charge you. Luckily, the charges are lower than what you would be expected to pay for making a bank transfer.

Don’t Believe? Try it out Yourself!

Since the gambling industry has been growing rapidly, Fintech has been giving users an alternative to banks, which are now starting to look and feel like dinosaurs. Though they are still vital, we don’t have to make expensive international transfers anymore, thanks to Trustly and other e-wallets. You may find the benefits of Pay and Play casinos a little hard to believe until you try them for yourself. There are no charges, the games at these sites are varied for fun, no need to enter your bank details each time, and the method is as safe as you would wish. Want to try it?


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