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Surviving on the River: A Look at The Flame In the Flood for Nintendo Switch

Grab your walking stick, your best dog, and your raft because we are going on an adventure. You’ll have to keep your wits about you and pick up as much supplies  as you can on the way. Don’t forget to eat, drink water, and sleep. This is going to be a big adventure. Welcome to The Flame In the Flood for Nintendo Switch. I hope you don’t starve to death or drown or get gored by some wild creature…


The Flame in the Flood for Nintendo Switch is a survival game. You play as a mysterious person who is out in the middle of nowhere and meet a dog that has a radio. The radio is sending out a signal but you can’t hear it right now, you’ll have to get to higher ground! So, you have to leave the island you are on at the moment. You’ll just start off with only the dog, your backpack, and your raft. Its up to you to collect food, water, and supplies as you go.

So, yes, there is a story to The Flame in the Flood but mostly the game is about survival. How long can you survive in this game? If there is one definite thing about Flame in the Flood, its that you will die. Its just a matter of what gets you first! Will it be starvation or thirst or some animal that gets you? It’ll happen, so don’t be surprised when you die.

And if you die early on, that means going back to the beginning of the game (there are checkpoints if you get far enough down the river). Thankfully each experience of this game is different. You will find different supplies and end up on different types of islands. The only thing you can count on (other than dying) is your dog. He’ll stick with you until you die. He’ll let you know when there’s food around or an enemy around. You do have a raft but you have to be careful with it, because the raft can break even easier than you’ll break.

Rafting down the river sounds fun and it is but its not an easy task. Sometimes the raft is pretty hard to control because of water currents. You won’t always go right to the island that you want to go to. Sometimes you’ll drift right past a cool looking island. And then you might end up on an island with little to no supplies. The Flame in the Flood can be a harsh mistress.

This is not an easy game. Survival in the world of The Flame in the Flood is tough. Sometimes you’ll find a lot of supplies and other times you’ll find very little. Creatures will run after you and try to kill you if you get around them. You must also keep a good eye on your food, water, illness, and sleep meters. If any of those get too low, you’ll die.

Oh and I haven’t even mentioned The Flame in the Flood’s excellent crafting mechanic. When you go into the game’s menu, you’ll find stuff you’ve picked up, some other menus, and most important of all: the crafting menu! Here you’ll take things you’ve found and make better things. Everything from a knives to clean water can be made if you have the right ingredients. That’s why its important to check every box, house, and other things you come upon. You just never know what you’ll find in this game!

Overall, The Flame in the Flood is addictive. I keep coming back to it, trying to find more stuff and trying to survive longer. I want to find out what that radio signal is! But I keep dying. I won’t give up though. I have to go back and find out what is going on.

The Flame in the Flood is out right now for the Nintendo Switch eshop. I hope to have a review of the game sooner or later. For now, I’m just trying to survive! Can I borrow some water?


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