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Star Ocean: The Second Story R Demo Impressions

Star Ocean The Second Story is getting a remake and its coming out in November! The game currently has a demo on the Nintendo Switch (and elsewhere). We checked out the demo on the Switch and now have impressions of it.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R is coming out on November 2nd, 2023. The game will be available on the Nintendo Switch and other systems. There is currently a demo for Star Ocean: The Second Story R and I checked it out!

So how is Star Ocean: The Second Story R?

Well, first off, the graphics are fantastic! This isn’t the typical HD-2D we’ve seen previously from Square Enix, but the style slightly similar. The characters in Star Ocean are 2D looking while the rest of the world is three dimensional. Its a very unique art style and its also absolutely beautiful. Star Ocean The Second Story R is jaw dropping!


As for the gameplay, the demo gives you almost three hours of play time. You pick whether you want to be Claude or Rena and the story is slightly different with each. I played as Claude but I did check out Rena’s story a little and plan to play that more. As Claude though, I got to see a lot of things: three towns, at least a couple of dungeons, and the big open world map! I also found out that this game has fishing. I love fishing mini-games. And while Star Ocean’s fishing is pretty simplistic, for me, the simpler the better.


Star Ocean’s demo also shows off the game’s fun combat too. This isn’t a turn-based game. The battles are action packed and unless you switch to them, your party members are computer controlled with simple commands you give them to lead their actions a little. I really liked the combat and all the out of combat upgrades. It looks like Star Ocean will be a huge game with lots of side quests and many cool in-battle and out of battle skills to learn. This demo really impressed me!

The full game of Star Ocean Second Story R will likely be a can’t miss title for rpg fans. Are you looking forward to this game?


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