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Sony Reveals The PlayStation 5 User Experience

Yesterday, Sony revealed the Playstation 5 User Interface, also known as the PS5 main menu. And it looked pretty great! Here are my thoughts on the upcoming PS5 UI.

A lot of people were wondering what the main menu on the PS5 looked like. Yesterday, we finally got our first look!
On the surface, the menu looks similar to the PS4’s menu. There are some really cool new features to the system though.

First of all, there are now ‘cards’ that the player can go through to find objectives for games, share screenshots, communicate with friends, and more.

And each of the games that you have will be spotlighted with a special “theme”. It will be much easier to resume a game (even resume at certain spots in a game), quit a game, and start a new one!

Oh and the Playstation store will now be part of the main menu instead of its own app. Very impressive.

I think my favorite thing shown was the hint option. Some PS5 games will now have available hints that players can check out when they are playing a game. The example shown was a video hint. It was cool how you could have the video playing at the same time that you were playing the game. It was picture-in-picture experience.

I also liked the new party chat option. You can actually talk to your friends while playing separate games. Not only that, but a friend can share what game they are playing with you and you can continue to play your game! Another picture-in-picture experience.

The player can move these videos around the screen, putting them in a corner out of the way. Some players may this distracting. Its not something you have to do. Its just cool new option for those who want to do it.

Sony hinted at ever more things that there weren’t showing yet. They did talk about an experimental Explore option that they’d be testing out at launch.

Overall, the Playstation 5 User Experience looks awesome. I like all of the new options and how the menu is laid out.

What do you think of the PS5 main menu? Which of the new user options is your favorite?


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