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Rocket League Micro RC Cars – Perfect Stocking Stuffer? Light Blast Racers for Under the Tree

Although it is not quite Halloween yet, it’s ok to talk about Christmas time, right? This holiday, finding the right gifts and stocking stuffers for your older kids might be a bit difficult, but if you have Rocket League fans in the house, there is no need to worry. The brand new Rocket League Micro RC Cars are the perfect size to slide into a stocking, or great for under the tree. My kids have been playing with these for about a week now, and it’s been non-stop action.

Obviously, these RC cars aren’t driving on the roof of your home stadium, nor are they hopping high into the air to intercept the ball. But the small, compact size make for great toys in tight spaces. We received a set of two for this review, and my kids have been racing back and forth across the basement floor, pushing the included ball and attempting to score in their siblings net.

Check out this quick official video of the Rocket League Micro RC Cars in action!

Because of their size, getting the ball into the goal is a lot easier said than done, but with some practice, my kids can beat me pretty handedly. The cars control well, and using the included controller / charger is easy and comfortable. The car not only drives but has lights as well. And getting from A to B is as easy as pushing forward or backwards, left or right on the two included buttons. What I’ve really enjoyed about this toy is how compact it really is. Since the controller doubles as the charging station, and since these literally are “micro” it can be stored away easily.

The other Rocket League inspired toy we took a look at was the Light Blast Racers. While less complex than the RC cars, the customizable Light Blast Racers come with a swappable top accessory – either a Taxi or Shark Fin topper – and car rims that can be changed. The car features for sounds from the game than the RC cars, and does so with outstanding accuracy.

When my kids got this one out of the box, the first thing I heard was, “It sounds just like the game!” And it really does. Although it has a bit less functionality than the other sets – which admittedly were a bigger hit in the house – my youngest son wouldn’t put this toy down.

Check out this quick official video of the Rocket League Light Blast Racers in action!

If you have Rocket League fans in your house this year, either of these new toys from Funrise will make a great addition to their toy collection. They have been MASSIVE hits in our home, and will continue to be for weeks and months to come. And for my kids, playing with the same toy for multiple weeks is a pretty big deal!


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