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No Dreadful First Impressions of the New Metroid Here

Metroid Dread came out today and…Nintendo Canada gave us a review copy of the game! We just got it today, so the following is very early impressions of the game. Is the new Metroid dreadful?


Metroid Dread is out now! And we’ve had a chance to check it out a little bit. We’re pretty early into the game but so far…

This game is awesome!

If you’ve ever played a Metroid game before, then you’ll grasp the controls right away. Metroid Dread plays a lot like those games: you’ll explore, find powerups, gain new abilities, and backtrack a lot. Though there is one major difference so far…

The freaking undefeatable robot that chases you around sometimes! Oh my. Wow.

The robot is scary, you can’t defeat it, and you better run as fast as you can. That said, its likely you’ll be seeing the Game Over screen a lot. We have so far! But the game doesn’t set you back too far.

These sequences are not for the faint of heart though. Honesty, picking Halloween month for this game to come out is really fitting. Whew.


Another thing that is different is how quickly the game goes from gameplay to cutscene to back. There doesn’t seem to be much of any load times in this game. Perhaps like Metroid Prime, it just finds creative ways to hide any loads.

And the graphics! Wow. Metroid Dread is absolutely the best looking Metroid game ever. We are going to be in for a major treat whenever Metroid Prime 4 gets out.

As mentioned earlier, we are not too far into Metroid Dread but so far, the game is a blast. We will play a ton more of the game and hopefully have a review of Metroid Dread next week!

Did you get Metroid Dread today? How do you like it so far?

Thank you to Nintendo Canada for providing a review code for this game! Metroid Dread is out now for the Nintendo Switch!


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