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Nintendo Direct: The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Video)

Today, Nintendo held a short Nintendo Direct about the Super Mario Bros. Movie. You can check that out below along with some thoughts about the movie’s trailer!

Whoa. So we’ve finally seen the Super Mario Bros. movie trailer!

I’m writing this before looking at what other people will say. I’m sure some will like it, some will hate it, and some will be like “eh? That was it?” Personally I thought…

It looked great!

Bowser looked like he should and Jack Black had the perfect voice for him. And Mario wasn’t the usual voice we are use to but it didn’t sound like Chris Pratt either. It sounded fine to me, though I guess we’ll have to wait till we see more footage to know for sure.

Yes, the trailer was pretty short but I thought the look of the movie was very familiar. It felt like a Mario experience. I also loved that we saw Luigi at the end of the trailer and he was running away from someone of course!

I loved our first look at the movie. It gives me hope that it’ll be a fun movie. Hopefully we’ll see more footage of the movie soon.

What did you think of the Mario Bros. movie trailer? Okay, here I gooooo to look at what other people had to say. Oh boy!


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