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Nintendo Direct: The Super Mario Bros. Movie presentation airs on 10/6

This Thursday, Nintendo will air a new Direct. This direct will be different because it does not feature any game content. Instead, it will be focused on the animated Super Mario Bros. movie! We have the details below.


On Thursday, a new Nintendo Direct will air at 1:05pm PT, aka as 3:05pm central. It will be focused on the Super Mario Bros animated movie. The direct will feature the world premiere of the first trailer for the movie! Nintendo has also made it clear that no game information will feature in the Direct.

I do understand wanting to focus on the movie, but its too bad we won’t get a new Mario game announcement too. Oh well. Hopefully the first trailer for the Mario Bros animated movie will be great!

The poster for the movie (shown above) looks on target. We see the back of Mario and a bunch of Toads. It has a very Mushroom Kingdom vibe. Though it does look slightly different, it still feels like Mario. No sign of Luigi in the poster, but hopefully we’ll see him in the movie’s trailer.

Chris Pratt will voice Mario. I think we are all waiting to hear what he sounds like as Mario too. Here’s hoping the animated Mario movie is excellent. Time will tell.

Are you looking forward to this Nintendo Direct?


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