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More Thoughts From Me #283: KOTOR Will Be on the Switch Soon

The news has been out there for awhile now but I don’t hear people talk about it much. What news?! Well news that Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is coming to the Nintendo Switch! This news is still mind blowing to me. Time for me to get nostalgic about the best Star Wars game ever.


I remember when I first heard about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

I had a subscription to Game Informer at the time and they had an article about an upcoming Star Wars game. It was KOTOR. I read that article and I knew right away I had to play the game.

Just to back up a little: I was an rpg fan and a Star Wars. I’m still a fan of both. So a Star Wars rpg?! You better believe it had my attention!

But it was coming out for Microsoft’s new system the (first) Xbox. I’d never get to play it…right?


My Dad rented an Xbox at our local video store. Yes we still had those back then. We also rented KOTOR.

I had both the system and the game for 5 days. I played that game a ton and beat it in five days! It was such a great game. Everything was perfect: the gameplay, the storyline (whoa), the graphics, etc. I loved it.

So when I had to take the system and game back, I told my Dad I wanted an Xbox and the game. I had to have them both. And eventually got both. What a time for gaming.

I haven’t played KOTOR in a long time. I’m sure the graphics haven’t aged well. 3D graphics usually don’t. But I’d imagine the storyline and the gameplay are still great. There was so much to the game: going to different planets, taking part in menu based battles, finding stuff, choosing dialogue, and more. Its one of Bioware’s best games.

The sequel isn’t as good, in my opinion, but still if it came out on the Switch too that would be neat.

I’m so happy that KOTOR will be coming to the Switch. I wished for it but I never believed it would actually happen. It’ll be great to play it again. It’ll also be cool for people who never played the game before to check it out.

I hear there’s going to be a remake of KOTOR but I doubt it’ll be as good. Sure the graphics will be amazing but you just know they’ll turn the game into an action game with the same storyline. Most of the rpg elements will be gone.


Check out the orignal KOTOR soon on the Nintendo Switch!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. So many great games are coming to the Switch.


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