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More Thoughts From Me #244: Online With Final Fantasy

I had never played a Final Fantasy online game before. I didn’t think they’d be for me nor do I want to pay a charge every month. However when I found out that there was a free trial for Final Fantasy 14 on the Playstation 4, I decided it was finally time to try an FF online game. So what do I think? Well…


Over the weekend, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy 14’s free trial. And…

Actually I like it.

I wouldn’t say I love this game. I still think single player Final Fantasy games like FF6, FF7, FF8, FF9, FF10, and FF15 are so much better.

And yet.

Final Fantasy 14 has some good things going for it.

First of all, the character creation is really cool. Just look at this guy I created. He is so awesome.


I made him a wizard too!

Then, there’s the exploration in the game! Its really nice. I like FF14’s big open world. Its town (and world) reminds me of FF12 but bigger and better. There’s so much to see and do here.

Oh and the combat is not bad. I’d say its better than FF12 but not as good as many of the other Final Fantasy games.

My wizard has access to fire, blizzard, and lightning so far and I like how magic works. Very easy (and satisfying) to use!

That all said, I’m not a fan of all the text on the screen. I turned off many of the open screen stuff and it still looks too busy.

And I am starting off on my own, so FF14 kind of feels like a single player game right now. Well expect for the moments when I see another player running around. I even helped some players out with some enemies one time.

Final Fantasy 14 is interesting. Would I buy a monthly subscription to play it all the time? No. I will continue to play the free trial for awhile longer but I think I’ll get bored of the game eventually. Its a neat game. The graphics are nice, especially the cutscenes. The single player FFs are much better.

This is a year where we got the amazing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, plus I still have a lot off FF15 to play. I can even go back and play FF10 or FF9 or FF8 if I want to since I have most of them on my Switch (FF8 is on the PS4). I do not lack for Final Fantasy games.


I’m glad that I finally played an online Final Fantasy game though. I would’ve been forever curious if I hadn’t.

What do you think of Final Fantasy 14? Are you addicted to it or do you think single player Final Fantasy is better too?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I can not wait to play Final Fantasy 16!


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