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More Thoughts From Me #191: Another Horizon

I was going to write about The Last of Us Remastered for this column, but then I bought a game called Horizon Zero Dawn and became hopelessly addicted to it. I haven’t played Last of Us Remastered in awhile. I can’t stop playing Horizon Zero Dawn, so I’m going to write about that today! What’s so cool about this game?!


Horizon Zero Dawn is an amazing game.

I haven’t even completed the game yet and its already in my top five games on the Playstation 4. I just love this game!

Why is Horizon Zero Dawn so cool? Well, lets start with the game’s graphics. Horizon is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful looking games on the Playstation 4. When you play it, you feel like you’re playing a movie. The characters look so realistic, so does the scenery, yes even the robots that walk around in the game. Horizon is just jaw-droppingly awesome looking.

But there has to be more to it then just how looks right?

Yes, there is! Horizon Zero Dawn has a really good storyline. Everything from the voice acting to the writing to the people you meet and the things you do are so interesting and sometimes pretty intense. Horizon isn’t an ultra dark game though. There is humor to be found in the game, theres also complex characters and fun things you can do.

And that brings us to the gameplay in Horizon. There is a huge open world in this game and thanks to a long load time at the start, there isn’t any load times while you’re adventuring. You can explore this big world and pretty much go whereever you want to go. There are missions but just like Breath of the Wild, if you want to go off and explore some place, you can do that! Though, you better keep an eye out for the metal monsters that roam the lands.

The metal monsters are just fantastic. You have some cool weapons to fight them and the combat in this game is pretty good. I like the bow and the arrow the best, but the staff and other weapons are neat too. Perhaps the coolest metal monsters in the game are the giant ones that you can actually climb on and get to the top of their head. Very Shadow of the Colossus! Pretty amazing too. I also love that you can ride a metal horse! This game is, without a doubt, a must have for the PS4.

Horizon Zero Dawn is another Playstation 4 game that should be considered a system seller. This game is exclusive to the PS4. You can’t play it anywhere else. If you like big open world games like Breath of the Wild, then you need Horizon Zero Dawn in your life. Finish Breath of the Wild and if you have a PS4, play this game. If you need another game to convince you to buy a Playstation 4, this is another game to add to your list!

Yeah, I love this game.

Have you played Horizon Zero Dawn? What do you think of it?

Next week: Time to talk about NIS America! This publisher has brought a lot of games to the Nintendo Switch. What’s out? What’s coming? What do I wish they’d bring to the system?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts presented here are mine and mine alone. I’ll write about the Last of Us one of these days…


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