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Lego Dimensions Video Introduces Gremlins to the Game

Don’t feed them after midnight! The Gremlins, Gizmo and Stripe, will be coming to Lego Dimensions. A newly released video introduces them.

A new “Meet That Hero” video of Lego Dimensions was released today on Youtube. In the video, a character I know nothing about named Marceline the Vampire Queen (Adventure Time), introduces everyone to some Gremlins. The two Gremlins are Gizmo and Stripe. I know both these characters because I have seen the Gremlins movies. I suppose the purpose of this video is to introduce the Gremlins to younger players via a character they would know. It seems odd to me, but it is nice to see the Gremlins in this game! There are just so many cool characters included in Lego Dimensions!

What do you think of Gizmo and Stripe? Are you looking forward to playing as them?


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